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Settings & Main Screen

Settings let's you add as many accounts as you want via 'Options'.

When pressing a Social Network Bar, the Main Screen will only show THAT specific network until you press 'View Selected Feeds' in the top again to view them all.

Turn Individual Networks on/off (Viewing)

Checkmarks mean: Disable/Enable Accounts Entirely

Slide Avatar to the Right to Enter 'Back-Settings'

Social Icons Shows Origin of Post

Login & Hold-To-Interact

WODDL supports Facebook & Twitter Connect of course and WODDL will NEVER post anything unless you ask it to.

Facebook & Twitter Connect Support

Hold-To-Interact Orbs (Longpress for 2,5 sec)

Blacklist Feature (Mute Unwanted Users)

Bookmarks (Add a Post to Bookmarks for Later Reading)

Re-Share a Post to other Social Networks / Accounts

It kind of melts it all together right? After all - It's just information !


Key screens of WODDL



All of your Social Networks united

in one feed.


All your feeds sorted by time/date without clutter...

Add an unlimited amount of accounts form each social network.


Press the Avatars/Groups to access your account on the individual networks.



Choose a post and longpress for 2,5 sec on it to enter Hold-To-Interact.

In here you can do all the same things as you would be able to in the native network.

Post to one / a few / all your accounts in one action AND schedule for later posting - ALL FOR FREE !

Helps solve...

One United Feed

Save Time

Unlimited Accounts

All Social Accounts/Networks will appear as ONE united feed - Unless you choose to view them individually - Which you can.

By using WODDL, you'll save time on daily basis, by having the oppotunity to go through all your social content in one single session/app.

WODDL supports an unlimited number of accounts from each network AND we also support Scheduling - for FREE.

We've made WODDL from a users 'point of view',

so all social content will feel and look the same...

We developed WODDL, to be the heart and soul of your social media life.

Lars Ege


Founder / Entrepreneur


Since starting WODDL from my office in Copenhagen in 2013, it has been a fantastic journey, with ups and downs... but mostly we’re just a few guys having fun, trying to create the future way people interact across social media.

Ole Pedersen


Marketing / VP Global Brand Growth


Proven Global Executive Leader for Business, Strategy, Innovation, Client, Market and People Development. Extensive global and regional business experience from working with large, medium to small and start-up businesses.

Who is who:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Retweet, Share, Favorite or Like a post ?

    Hold-To-Interact: (Longpress)

    If you wish to interact with a post/tweet, then you place your finger on the post for about 2,5 second and then the 'Hold-To-Interact' orbs comes up.


    In here you can do most of the same things you would be able to, if you were in the native network.  (Note: if you retweet a tweet, then it's retweeted on the account it's connected to.)


    You can also 'Re-share' the post to other networks.

  • How to Blacklist a user?

    Blacklist is a swift action. Use the Hold-To-Interact (Longpress) on a post from the user who tweet or post too much and press the 'Blacklist' icon.


    Then you won't ever see tweets/posts form this user again unless you wish too.


    If you want the user back in your feed, you slide your avatar right inside settings (press wheel) and re-mark the user once again.


  • How to use Bookmarks?


    Add a Bookmark by using the Hold-To-Interact (Longpress) on a post you wish to address later on.


    Press the Bookmarks icon and find it later on inside Bookmarks menu in the top right corner. (Just delete it after reading it or share it via Hold-To-Ineract from inside Bookmarks)

  • How to use Search?

    Search is not just a Search function.


    It's made to work across all social networks simultaneously...

    Meaning that if you Search for a #Hashtag, then you get results from across all networks in one action. This also goes for Content & Users.


    That's one of the things that makes WODDL stand out !


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