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Sinopec exhibits at Chemspec Europe 2017 in Munich

The 32nd Chemspec Europe was held in Munich, Germany on 31st May to 1st June,2017. Sinopec delegation, coming from 12 subsidiaries including associated fine chemicals producers, research institutes, chemicals marketing company and catalyst company, led by Sinopec Chemicals Department and Foreign Affairs Bureau has participated in the exhibition. Sinopec Europe Representative Office and Sinopec Europa GMBH have given strong support during the exhibition.
Among all the 400 participants from 26 countries, Sinopec stand has received more than 400 clients and effectively enlarged its chemical products influence in European market. During the exhibition, Sinopec Europa GMBH and Lubricant Company have advertised its brand image for the first time through this international stage. Meanwhile, they have helped 300 clients to make on-line registration on EPEC e-commerce platform to expand its global customers.


Information source:Chemical Department


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