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Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd


The companies provided products to clients across China and in more than 20 other countries and regions in the world, which received widespread recognition and credit. It has so far produced more than 4500 sets of turbines. Most home made industrial steam driven turbines used in key projects during China’s different economic growth periods were rolled out by this company.

Shenyang Blower Works Group Co., Ltd


The company mainly research, design, manufacture and operate high-tech centrifugal compressors, axial flow compressors, reciprocating compressors, centrifugal blowers, mega-ventilators, high-pressure water pumps, forced circulation pumps, condensation pumps and diagonal flow pumps, etc. Its products are mainly blowers and pumps with 104 series and 1279 specifications.

Flowserve Corp.

The company has provided service to Sinopec and the petroleum sector for more than 20 years. The application of its products in Sinopec’s production systems has produced sound results. The company supplied good quality products and service to key Sinopec projects in Maoming, Yanshan, Qingdao, Fujian, Tianjin, etc. Its chemical process pumps such as de-coke high-pressure pump and hydrogenation feed pump are of state-of-the-art technologies. The contract value between the two companies each year exceeds $10 million.

Nuovo Pignone S.P.A

This company is a subsidiary of GE oil & gas group. The Nuovo Pignone plant in Florence, Italy provided service to more than 800 clients in 103 countries worldwide. The company has been in the oil & gas industry over a century with over 10,000 employees and branch offices across the globe. Its manufacturing and testing plants in Italy and France have the ability to design, manufacture, develop and test centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, gas turbines and steam turbines. Its manufacturing plants possess world leading processes for solid forging for blades and EMD. Its testing plants have unique world-class testing abilities in line with API, ASME and ISO.

Elliott Ebara Turbomachinery Corporation


The company and Sinopec have enjoyed long-term business cooperation with its products posting sound performances in Sinopec subsidiaries. It has provided high quality products and service to many key Sinopec projects in Maoming, Yanshan, Qingdao, Fujian and Tianjian, etc. Its chemical process pumps including high-pressure water pumps, delayed coking pumps and hydrogenation feed pumps lead the pack worldwide. The contract value between the two companies each year exceeds $10 million.

Lanzhou Lanshi Heavy Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd

As a strategic supplier of Sinopec, the company has enjoyed a sound cooperation with Sinopec. Since starting operation, the company has always adhered to the business strategy of providing equipment to the petrochemical industry. It has supplied core refinery equipment including hydrogenation reactors, CCR reactors, thread-lock heat exchangers and high-pressure vessels, etc to Sinopec refineries.

Fushun Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

As a strategic supplier of Sinopec, the company has manufactured 695 pieces of equipment, 22,400 tons in weight and valued at RMB1.2billion. It has been rated as an excellent partner by LPEC and an excellent supplier by Sinopec Jinling, Sinopec Guangzhou and FREP.

China First Heavy Industries Co., Ltd

Sinopec has enjoyed a long cooperation history with the company. In the 1980s, the two companies joined their hands in successfully developing China’s first high-pressure hydrogenation reactor with 2.25Cr-1Mo steels and bringing forward the 2nd and 3rd generation of new materials for the reactor manufacturing in line with international standard. That has enabled a rapid development of the reactor manufacturing technologies.

In addition, both companies also partnered in materializing indigenous production of mega heat exchangers, which help break the long-term monopoly by foreign companies and lower procurement costs. The company has so far supplied 100 plus key refining and petrochemical equipment to Sinopec with a contract value of RMB3 billion.

China National Erzhong Group Co., Ltd

The company is a strategic supplier of Sinopec. Since 2005, it has supplied tremendous amounts of high pressure hydrogenation equipment such as hydrogenation reactors, separators under high temperature and high pressure, separators under low temperature and high pressure, circulating hydrogen desulfurization tower, A main absorption towers and hydrolysis reactors, etc. to Sinopec Yueyang, Hainan, Tianjin, Changling subsidiaries and its Puguang oil & gas field in Sichuan.

Shanghai Boiler Works Co., Ltd

Sinopec reached an agreement with the company to cooperate in information, technology, logistic and business. The two sides also established a mechanism for the leadership of both companies to meet annually.

Larsen and Toubro Limited

Taking advantage of its competitive engineering design capacity, the company cooperated with Sinopec in pressure vessels like heavy chemical reactors and heat exchangers. In the 3 years of its cooperation with Sinopec, the company registered an overall contractual value of $108 million with Sinopec, taking up 27% of China’s domestic market and 7.2% of its overall sales value for the 3 years.

China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation

Taking advantage of its technology and experience in liquid rocket engine turbine pumps, the company together with Sinopec successfully developed high-efficiently linked oil transmission pumps for long-haul pipelines. The Kunming-Dali oil products pipeline is well under operation and the Liuzhou-Guilin, Southern Jiangsu, Yangtianchong station of Southwestern pipeline projects are currently being designed, manufactured and tested. The research work on big displacement transmission pumps for Daye station along the Yizheng-Changling crude pipeline has achieved breakthrough and acquired approval by the expert panel. Oil pipeline valves and auto-clean filters also won recognition from the clients.

In flue gas desulfurization, the company with its aerospace aerodynamics technology conducted research with Sinopec on the development of such projects as Tianjin CFB furnace desulfurization project & the integrated revamping project for pulverized coal furnace flu gas desulfurization and dust removal, pilot project for furnace ammonia desulfurization in Nanjing chemical plant, flue gas desulfurization project in ZRCC, Ningbo, and cat-cracking units desulfurization and dust removal project in BYPC. These projects won accolades from clients.


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