Research & Development
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1 Key Research and Development Areas

1.1 Exploration & Production Technology

Exploration technology for marine sedimentation

Exploration technology for continental sedimentation

Exploration technology for unconventional hydrocarbon resources

Effective technology for hard-to-develop reserves

Enhanced oil recovery technology

Geophysics technology under complicated conditions

Drilling and logging technology

Reservoir reconstruction technology

Oilfield chemicals technology

Apparatus, tools and equipment technology

1.2 Refining Technology

Low-grade crude processing and increasing light oil yield technology

Clean fuel production technology

Refining & chemical integrated technology

Lubricant & other oil products production technology

Refinery energy saving and emissions reduction technology

Unconventional energy resources refining technology

1.3 Chemical Technology

Olefins & aromatics production technology

Basic organic raw material production technology

Polyolefin technology

Production technology of monomer & polymer of synthetic fiber

New product development technology of synthetic resin, fiber & rubber

Fine chemicals & Biochemical technology

Novel energy resource & new materials technology

1.4 Utility Engineering Technology

Safety technology

Environmental protection technology

Energy saving technology

Equipment long-cycle operation technology

Oil & gas storage and transportation technology

Instrumentation automation technology

Major equipment production technology

2 R&D for New Products

We focus on market need, closely combine our strengths in research and production, pursue differentiated and high value-added products and have successfully developed the following products: SJ gasoline engine oil and CF-4 diesel engine oil; the specialized lubricant applied in “Shenzhou” spaceship and in “Change-1 lunar satellite”; the high-performance modified asphalt used in Beijing National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, CHANG’AN Ave, Beijing-Shanghai express railway and other key projects; a series of specialty resin such as polypropylene resin used for the seats of National Stadium, BOPP resin with super high speed and high strength, PPR pipe specialty material, auto bumper specialty material and polyethylene specialty material for gas pipe, film grade and bottle grade polyester chip etc;active polyester fiber filament, gel dyed acrylic fibers and other new synthetic fibers with high added value. SINOPEC owns 20 large categories of catalysts. The category of the new product is gradually increasing meanwhile the product quality and performance is also upgrading. Brand awareness, reputation and market share keep expanding.

3 Patents granted over the years

Application and authorization 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Domestic application 1037 1094 1135 1854 2823
authorization 824 813 721 756 984
Overseas application 61 122 225 135 114
authorization 44 62 173 37 72

By the end of 2010, SINOPEC has accumulatively applied for 19001 patents among which 1584 pieces were applied overseas. In total, 10587 patents were granted in which 742 were granted overseas.

4 Awards received

4.1 “National Award for Science & Technology Advancement” 2010

First Prize

Exploration and development of Tahe Large Size Ordovician Carbonate Reservoir

Second Price

Technology breakthrough in 3-Dimensional 3-Component seismic and efficient exploration of deep tight gas field

Quantitative description, control technology and industrial application of high capacity channel in high water cut oilfield

Research and application of effective percolation theory and development method on oil reservoir with ultra low permeability

Technology development and application of key equipment for post-reaction system of the heavy oil FCC

Large-scale PTA production key technology – development and application of hydro-fining catalyst and reaction process

Integrated development and industrialized application of single series large-scale oil refining technology

Development and application of super large hydrogenation reactor

Several key technologies and application of safety and calamity protection of ocean engineering

Reservoir protective sustainable exploitation of microbial oil recovery controlling technology and industrial application

Key technology and its application of energy saving & emission reduction for dense multiphase flow and chemical reactions coupling system

4.2 “National Award for Technological Invention” 2010

Second Prize

Catalytic oxidation new material – hollow titanium silica molecular siev

5 Science and technology innovation

Focusing on core businesses and intensifying key areas, we optimized and integrated technology development capabilities in terms of fundamental research, application research and technology development to enhance theoretical and technological innovation. In addition, we continuously developed ten key R&D projects, and giving full play to innovation of science and technology as an accelerator to support our core business development.

Sinopec has made continuous breakthroughs in E&P theories and technologies. New development and integration have been achieved in theoretical system and auxiliary technology for continental basin oil and gas exploration and production. Series of technology for stable production in major oilfields have been developed, such as water flooding EOR, tertiary oil recovery, viscous oil recovery, low permeability oil and gas field development, beach oilfield development. The theoretical system and supporting technology for congruent basin oil and gas exploration and production have taken an initial shape. Comprehensive progress has been made in petroleum engineering technologies, including reservoir geophysics, high-precision 3-dimensional seismic, automatic vertical drilling, and reservoir reconstruction.

SINOPEC has mastered the worlds advanced level of the whole process refining technology, and enjoys capability to build large–sized modern refineries with single train capacity more than 10 million tpa relying on the self-developed technologies. 1 million tpa ultra low pressure CCR technology has been developed successfully. The FCC gasoline adsorption de-sulfurization (S-Zorb) technology has been fully upgraded. 8 million tpa Hainan Refinery and 10 million tpa Qingdao Refinery have been set up majorly with self-developed technologies. Also based on the self-developed technology, we achieved fuel quality upgrading to the GB II, III Standards, meanwhile developed gasoline and diesel production technology in line with EU IV emission requirement and some of them satisfied with EU V emission requirement.

SINOPEC has accelerated the innovation on integration of petrochemical technologies, mastering and owning principal petrochemical technologies. Large-scale ethylene cracker and ethylene separation technology is comparable to world advanced level. 1-Million-ton capacity ethylene unit relying on the self-developed technology can be designed and built. Maoming 1 million tpa ethylene plant has been expanded and revamped. Tianjin and Zhenhai 1 million tpa ethylene projects have been constructed. Whole set of technologies for large-size ethyl-benzene, caprolactam, polyethylene, polypropylene production were developed and commercialized successfully.

The Company boasts 20 academicians of China Academy of Science and China Academy of Engineering, 25,000 full-time R&D professionals. In the 8 directly affiliated research institutes of Sinopec, more than 35% of the total employees get Master degree or Doctorate.


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