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SINOPEC Inner Mongolian Oil Products Company

SINOPEC Inner Mongolia Oil Products Company (called Inner Mongolia Oil Products Company for short) is the branch offices dealing with finished oil that Sinopec Corp established in Inner Mongolia. 

Currently, Inner Mongolia Oil Products Company comprises 12 Urban City branches and a holding company, covering the region of 12 Cities. As the second largest oil supply in the Inner Mongolia, In 2011, the company oil product sales totaled 1.65 million tons. Inner Mongolia Oil Products Company implements the business management system and operation mechanism of " flat management-level, vertical business profession, clear job responsibilities and sensitive market response"; meanwhile it also integrates warehousing, logistics, sales and service; moreover, Inner Mongolia Oil Products Company is mainly responsible for the retail, direct marketing and wholesale of oil products in Inner Mongolia as well as the sales and other services of vehicle natural gas, oil, fuel oil, non-oil products. Inner Mongolia Oil Products Company always takes development as the top priority, focuses on expanding market impact, improves market competitiveness and achieves scientific development, sustainable development, leapfrog development; it is also committed to increasing the value of assets, with a good performance return on the nation and shareholders; commitment to provide products and services in a safe and clean way, and actively participates in public welfare undertakings. While expanding and strengthening the company, it also endeavors to serve the local economic and social development in Inner Mongolia. Social influence of the Inner Mongolia Oil Products Company is increasing by fulfilling social responsibility all the time as a large enterprise, now the company receives highly reorganization from all sectors of society. 

Address: SINOPEC Inner Mongolia Oil Products Company RiXin buiding No. 26,Chengjisihan Road, Xincheng District,Hohhot. 
Post Code: 010051 
Tel.: 0471-5289802 
Fax: 0471-5289808


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