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Sinopec Asphalt Sales Branch Company

Sinopec Asphalt Sales Company is a specialized subsidiary of Sinopec for the marketing of asphalt founded in 2004. The Company integrated the brand names of 13 asphalt company under Sinopec umbrella into “Donghai Brand”, carried out its business with unified marketing of products, unified market expansion plan, unified bidding activities, unified post-sales services, unified branding and unified foreign cooperation. In September 2009, Sinopec decided to establish, based on the Company, Sinopec Refining & Marketing Co. and in April 2011, the Company took over wax and sulphur business. Today, the business scope of the Company includes the production and marekting of asphalt, the marketing of petroleum coke, petroleum wax and sulphur. The Company’s business activities are closely linked with 25 Sinopec refining subsidiaries and therefore, it has established branch offices in 22 Sinopec refineries. 
The Company has highly skilled and experienced staff in management and quality control. In order to ensure the high-quality production and the excellent services to customers, the Company implements strict control measures in crude oil purchasing, refining, product sales, transportation and storage, construction and application. The product quality is very stable by 100% passing the various random checks and inspections carried out by the Ministry of Communications and the association of asphalt industry. As a professional sales company, the Company takes the lead in China to facilitate multi-location load and off-load of asphalt tank trucks, mobilization of tank trucks, and has established a national logistic and distribution network via railway, waterway, and roads. 
Actively participating in the competition of high-end products home and abroad, the Company has achieved the strategic target of substituting the imported asphalt based on excellent product quality and perfect service network. Now, Sinopec “Donghai Brand” asphalt has been widely used in domestic infrastructure projects, such as airport runways, expressways, urban roads and bridges. The successful applications in Shanghai F1 circuit, Donghai Cross-sea Bridge, Beijing Olympic National Stadium, and high-speed railways indicated that Sinopec “Donghai Brand” asphalt has become a world-leading product and is well recognized by top-tier clients worldwide. 
The Company attaches great importance to technological progress and new product development, and aims to integrate technological innovation, technological progress, technological improvement and industry upgrading together. With the support of Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Processing (RIPP), Fushun RIPP and other research institutions in various Sinopec production subsidiaries, the Company keep upgrading the quality of asphalt,petroleum cokes,wax and sulphur product via R&D efforts. The company has developed and applied successfully the emulsified asphalt for high-speed railway, the asphalt for the tunnel, anti-flaming environment-friendly asphalt, color asphalt. The research and application of needle coke is well on the way. 

Address: F22, No.728, Yan’an West Road, Changning District, Shanghai 
Postcode: 200050 
Tel: 021-60863300 
Fax: 021-52381680


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