SM/CF 0W-50 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

SINOPEC SM/CF 0W-50 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is made from fully synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks and superior multifunctional additives. It can meet the requirements of the vehicles of OEMs, the military and civil fleets under severe working conditions.





       ? Fully synthetic general purpose engine oil adopting world leading technology, providing overall protection for engine

       ? Super cleaning performance lasting long, facilitating strong power for engine

       ? Excellent anti-wear performance, effectively reducing wear and prolonging service life of engine

       ? Excellent anti-oxidation ability, providing long-lasting and perfect lubrication

       ? Selecting fully synthetic high performance base stock and special additive to nurture good performance with long oil drain interval

       ? Strict element controlling method for longer service life of exhaust catalytic converter

Performance specification

      The product meets the following specifications:

      ? API SM/CF

      ? Q/SH303 482-2007


      ? Special recommendation for such various high class passenger cars, racing cars and coaches with multi-valves, turbochargers, directly injecting engines as Lexus, BMW 7 Series, Benz S class, Audi  8, etc.

      ?Suitable for engines requiring oils such as SM, SL, SJ series

Viscosity grade and type

      ? SAE 0W-50 Fully synthetic engine oil

Typical properties

    ItemsSM/CF  0W-50  full synthetic engine oil
Kinematic viscosity(100?C),mm2/s17.7
Flash  Point (COC),?C      222
Pour  Point,?C            -49  



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