SF/CD General Engine Oil

SINOPEC SF/CD General Engine Oils are formulated with high quality mineral base stocks and multiple additives. They are general engine oils for both gasoline and diesel oil engines. These products can be used for lubrication of engines and equipments filled with SF Gasoline Engine Oils and CD Diesel Engine Oils.




      ? Meeting performance requirements of CD diesel engine oil and SF gasoline engine oil

      ? Excellent detergency and dispersancy, providing good protection for engine

      ? Sufficient capability neutralizing acidic substances produced by fuel combustion, avoiding corrosive wear

Performance specification

       The product meets the following specifications:

      ? API SF/CD

      ? GB 11121-2006 SF, GB 11122-2006 CD


      ? Suitable for light/medium duty diesel engines requiring oils of CD and CC

      ? Suitable for economic cars requiring gasoline engine oil of SF and SE

Viscosity grade and type

      ? SAE 40, 50, 10W-30, 15W-40 and 20W-50

Typical properties

Items  SM gasoline engineoil 
SAE viscosity   grade10W-30
Kinematic viscosity(100?C),mm2/s10.51 9.12
Flash point (COC), ?C226230236222230
Pour point, ?C-33-41-41-42-36



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