SG/CF-4 General Engine Oil

SINOPEC SG/CF-4 General Engine Oils are formulated with refined high quality, high VI base stocks and multi-functional additives. They provide outstanding performance in lubricating engines fueled with gasoline or diesel oils under severe operating environment, especially for large-scale coaches.




     ? Meeting requirements of mixed fleet

     ? Excellent anti-oxidation property, effectively prolonging oil drain interval

     ? Excellent detergency and dispersancy, making engines cleaner, reducing formation of black sludge caused by start-stop service

     ? Excellent anti-wear and anti-friction property, effectively protecting frictional parts of engines

     ? Outstanding TBN (Total Base Number) retention, protecting engines from corrosive wear

     ? Low volatility, reducing consumption of engine oil

     ? Good compatibility with rubber, effectively protecting sealed material against leakage

Performance specification

     The product meets the following specifications:

     ? API SG/CF-4

     ? GB 11121-2006 SG, GB 11122-2006 CF-4

Certification and approval

     ? Benz MB 228.1, Cummins CES 20075, Volvo VDS and Mack EO-K2


    ? Suitable for bus/car/truck engines of normal aspiration, direct injection, equipped turbochargers and multi-valves, fuelled with gasoline or diesel oil and working in various severe conditions

    ? Suitable for large power, heavy duty diesel engines of such machines as mine vehicles, various trucks, trailers and other engineering vehicles, and for lubrication of diesel engines requiring oils of API CF-4, CE and CD

   ? Suitable for lubrication of gasoline engines requiring oils of API SG, SF and SE

   ? Especially suitable for large scale mixed fleet of gasoline and diesel engines

 Viscosity grade and type

   ? SAE 10W-30, 15W-40 and 20W-50

Typical Properties

ItemsSG/CF-4 engine oil
SAE  viscosity  grade10W-3015W-4020W-50
Kinematic  viscosity(100?C),mm2/s11.3614.3318.8
Kinematic  viscosity(40?C),mm2/s69.9108.5157.6
Flash  point (COC), ?C215226228
Pour  point, ?C-31-28-23


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