FC 2T Motorcycle Oil

SINOPEC FC 2T Motorcycle Oil is formulated with high quality base stocks in China and functional additives, and is blended with worlds advanced manufacturing techniques. The product is suitable for lubrication of two-stroke gasoline engines working in severe conditions.


      ? Relatively low exhaust, reducing environmental pollution

      ? Reducing carbon deposit, keeping engines clean

      ? Preventing engine piston from scratching and sticking

      ? Rapid reaction for changing engine speed

      ? With diluent, facilitating mixing with gasoline in injection system or automatic lubricant injection system in advance

      ? Prolonging service life of engine

Performance specification

      The product meets the following specifications:

      ? JASO FC

      ? SH/T 0675-1999


     ?  Suitable for two stroke gasoline engines working in severe conditions, such as engines of those air-cooled, medium/high duty motorcycles with displacement over 50mL

     ?  Suitable for such machines as timber cutter, grass cutter, motor sleigh, atomizer, outboard engine and so on

     ?  Recommended fuel/oil ratio at 25~50:1

Typical Properties

ItemsFC 2T motorcycle oil
Kinematic viscosity (100?C), mm2/s8.810
Pour point, ?C  -15
Flash point (COC), ?C110
Flash point (closed), ?C120


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