Locomotive Oil 4th Generation

SINOPEC Locomotive Oil 4th Generation is formulated with high quality base stocks with high VI and multi-functional additives. The products is applicable to railway internal combustion locomotives and suitable for high sulfur-containing fuel (Sulfur content>0.5%).




      ? Excellent thermal and oxidation stability, detergency and dispersancy, effectively avoiding formation of deposits, keeping engine highly clean

      ? Outstanding anti-wear, anti-scratch and oil film protection abilities, preventing wear of parts, prolonging service life of parts

      ? High base number and excellent TBN retention, effectively neutralizing combustion product of fuel containing sulphur, prolonging oil drain interval

Performance specification

     The product meets the following specifications:  member 247

     ? LMOA 4th generation oil specification

     ? GB 17038-1997


     ? Suitable for locomotive powered by high sulphur content fuel (over 0.5% of sulphur content)

     ? Suitable for locomotive requiring locomotive oil 4th generation

     ? Suitable for various kinds of medium/high speed four stroke locomotive including ND5 locomotive

     ? Also suitable for lubrication of some marine engines

Typical properties

ItemsLocomotive  oil 4th generation
SAE  viscosity grade40
Kinematic  viscosity (100?C  ), mm2/s14.2
Flash  point (COC),  ?C 260
Pour  point, ?C -11
Total  base number, mgKOH/g11



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