Grease 7608 for Hydraulic Brake System

SINOPEC Grease 7608 for Hydraulic Brake System is a high-performance grease which combines a synthetic base oil with a soap thickener. According to GB/T 7631.8-90(ISO6743/9-1987), Grease 7608 can be classified as follow:L-XDCEA1.



Features & Benefits

    ·  Very low oil bleeding trend

    ·  Optimum compatibility with epdm rubber

    ·  Outstanding low and high temperature performance

    ·  Exceptional protection against corrosion

    ·  Excellent retention and resistance to high-temperature degradation

    ·  Do not contain any heavy metal and nitrite that will do harm to human’s health and pollute environment.

Technical specification

    ·  Meets the following performance specification: Q/SH303 225-2004.


    ·  It is particularly suited for lubricating and protective applications between rubber ring and cylinder in automotive hydraulic brake system .

    ·  Application temperature range: -40?C to 120?C 150?C in short-term.

Typical Properties

ItemsTypical  PropertiesTest Methods
AppearanceYellow  to brown smooth butteryVisual
Dropping Point, ?C200ASTM  D566
1/4Worked Cone Penetration, 0.1mm80ASTM  D217
Evaporation Loss (150?C, 1h), %1.2ASTM  D972
Apparent Viscosity (-30?C, 10s-1), Pa·s988ГОСТ7163


    ·  Prevent water and impurities during storage and transportation.

    ·  Do not mix with other type of grease.

    ·  Do not heat before using.


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