Special Lube For Metallurgical Industry
  • SINOPEC Sintering Machine Slide Way Sealing Grease 7035 is manufactured from highly refined mineral base oil, a special polyurea thickener and various well-chosen additives. According to GB/T 7631.8-90 (ISO6743/9-1987), Grease 7035 can be classified as follow:L-XBGHB0, L-XBGHB1.

  • SINOPEC Polyurea-based Grease 7029 for Continuous Casting Machine is a high-performance grease which combines a highly refined mineral oil with a polyurea thickener. According to GB/T 7631.8-90(ISO6743/9-1987), Grease 7029 can be classified as follow: L-XBGHB0, L-XBGHB1, L-XBGHB1-2, L-XBGHB2.


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